Rakuten's Play.com redesign project

When I started work at a fledgling Play247.com back in 2001 (I worked in customer support first), I had no idea of the journey we'd embark on as a company.  As word spread, sales went from a few hundred units a week to millions with over 17 million registered users.  I was involved in several rebrands and redesigns  over the years, most recently in early 2014 when we completely reconfigured the website with a new layout, incorporated new interactive functionality (Amplience) and applied a modern, more lifestyle-focussed aesthetic.  This project formed the next stage of the company's current transition to Rakuten.co.uk.

I was one of the design leads on the project and worked as part of a small team in charge of delivering the new-look site.  As well as developing the look and feel, I worked on the navigation, layout and UI, working closely with our UX and technical teams utilising user testing data and competitor research to inform choices.  The project involved coordination across multiple departments to deliver a consistent approach across a lot of categories, including several brand new ones.  Our responsive emails were also updated to reflect the new-look website.