I'm Liam Fox, a Cambridge-based digital designer.  I've  been creating professionally since 2002, learning my craft in the fast paced studio at Play.com (now Rakuten) as part of a hugely successful commercial marketing team, selling to upwards of  17 million registered users.  As well as creating original artwork and cohesive communications for internal cross-channel campaigns, I've artworked and designed for huge home entertainment brands and IP's such as:  Warner Bros (Harry Potter), Sony Playstation and Disney/Pixar, amongst many others. 

Trends come and go, but clear, engaging and accessible graphic design for the web and print is always paramount when I start a creative.  I have a commercially-minded, user-centric, analytical brain and have a keen eye for detail.  I'm professional, organised, hard working, versatile, friendly, honest and I work well in a team, leading a project, or autonomously.  I also had a temporary stint as traffic manager, and was responsible for planning and assigning the daily workflow of a large team of designers (including myself).  

I'm skilled with: Adobe CS, image manipulation, artworking, concepting, marketing practices, eCommerce, branding and multi-channel communication.  I've used Basecamp and Bugherd for planning/testing and CMS's like Sitecore, Amplience and several in-house solutions.. I have a little coding knowledge, but it is not my strong point.  Working on that though!

Now freelancing, my clients include Honest Ideas, Innova Systems and Cambridge United FC.  I'm currently working with local businesses, building brands, designing websites and creating print materials.

As well as offering a competitively priced freelance design service, I'm seeking new opportunities and I'm available immediately for full time employment and temporary contracts.

I worked with Liam for the best part of six years where he was an integral part of the commercial design team at play. His approach to design was methodical and precise in all phases of the design process where he produced some excellent creative . Liam is a great listener and communicator who will make sure that client and stakeholder requests are at the forefront. A proactive understanding of project and content constraints prior to the design phase is a skill that Liam has honed over the years, which enabled him to produce highly polished and in-depth designs in an efficient and productive way.
— Mike Lakeland - Freelance Designer